The Center of Catalonia

Distance: 76 km

This route takes you to the geographical center of Catalonia, specifically the sanctuary of Pinós, a land full of history. Passing through different natural areas you can observe the native fauna, megalithic monuments, defense towers, learn about the life and customs of the field and flow imposing jewels of the Catalan Baroque.

To start the route, we leave Solsona on the C-451 / C-75, during the journey we can stop at the village of Brics and walk to the Brics and Alzina ponds (wildlife observation point). When you arrive at the village of Llobera, you can go to different places such as the dolmen of La Vila or also the tower of Peracamps.

To continue the route, we take the same road towards Solsona, but we leave the main road and go in the direction of the sanctuary of the Miracle, where we visit the church and the majestic 17th baroque altar. We follow the route to visit the village of Su and follow the route to the village of Prades, passing through Matamargó and Vallmanya.

We leave Prades, until we reach La Molsosa and then return towards Pinós and its sanctuary. At the sanctuary of Pinós where is the geographical center of Catalonia (5 minutes on foot) point with great panoramic views. Nearby we also find Ardèvol with a defence tower located in the middle of the village.

Finally, we will return to Su and the sanctuary of the Miracle, to take the C451 / C-75 until we reach Solsona again.

See road map of the region: Solsonès map

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