Guided visits to the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Come and visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees!

Visiting a zoo where you can pet animals is definitely a unique experience. Have an unforgettable day, full of animals and emotions. Not only will you have fun, but you will also learn many interesting things about the wildlife of our country. Take a look at the Pyrenees Zoo website to discover the range of activities and experiences in which you can take part and learn curious things.

The Pyrenees Zoo Foundation is a non-profit organization that shelters and cares for abused or injured wild animals. And, if possible, the healthy and strong animals return to the wild; and if that’s not possible, they give them a new home in their wildlife shelter.

The priority of the Foundation is to ensure the tranquility of the animals. For this reason, it is not allowed to visit its facilities freely and offers a wide range of activities and experiences. This set of activities allows you to get to know all the animals in the park through their educators. You can choose just one activity or combine them. Design your visit to the Pyrenees Zoo the way you like it!

How can I visit the park?

– The Zoo is open every day of the year, but you must check the opening hours in advance
– Each activity is different and has its own schedule and rate. Check the current times here
There is no general entry, so you can personalize your visit 100% and get in touch with the animals that make you most curious. Surely you will find something that will fascinate you and make you enjoy it, young and old!
– Tickets to the Zoo are limited, so it is advisable to buy tickets online through the Zoo’s website. If the purchase is made online, the rate is cheaper
How to get to the Pyrenees Zoo, click here

More information (timetable, price and book a visit): Zoo Pirineu

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