Serra de Busa i el Capolatell

Busa mountain (Areas of Natural Interest) is a plateau surrounded by high cliffs, whose flat top is known as Pla de Busa. It is like a natural island on the high Busa crags which allows us to enjoy magnificent panoramic views.

At the north-western end of the plateau we find the Capolatell, better known as the “prison” because it was used for this purpose during the Napoleon wars against the French. This natural prison can be accessed by an iron footbridge.

Trekkings around Busa (GPS):
1. Ruta de les cases de Posada a Busa pel Grau de l’Areny
2. Ruta de la Vall d’Ora al pla de Busa i el Capolatell
3. Ruta de la Vall d’Ora al pla de Busa i Sant Pere de Graudescales


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