This graveyard is formed by two sepulchres used between the Calcolithic and the Ancient Copper Age. Its typology shows that it consists of two Pyrenean wall cavities:  two spaces with slab stones with frontal access through a lower slab stone and a small foyer and everything is covered by a burial mound. Regarding the objects identified, once again they are belonging to good graves and we can highlight: different pieces of necklace, made of scallop and dentalium (a tiny marine mollusc with empty interior and highly used to create necklaces) a sheet and a the tip of a copper arrow and two tips of leaf-shaped white flint arrow, which have become the symbol of this necropolis. It was excavated between 2005 and 2006 by the team led by the archaeologist Josep Castany.

The objects found here can be seen at Museu Comarcal and Diocesà of Solsona.


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