The Dolmen de la Vila, also called of Llanera or Torre dels Moros, is located in the county boundary, between the municipality of Torà (Segarra) and Llobera (Solsonès). Chronologically, we can place its building at the end of the Neolithic period, even it was used afterwards in funerary rites and burials.

According to its typology it is a Catalan gallery: a space closed with slab stones with an access through a corridor and everything is covered by a great burial mound delimited by a cromlech or stone circle. It is one of the biggest monuments of this type in Catalonia, it is ten metres long and two metres and a half high and the burial mound has a 24-metre-diametre. Several individuals were buried inside along the time and there are different materials that stand out from their good graves,  such as bell-shaped style vases, tips of arrows and flint knives and a piece of stone bracelet with decoration, among many other objects. The great conditions in which Dolmen de la Vila is preserved, allow us to observe an exceptional Megalithic site. In order to get there, we have to follow the old Torà road until La Vila and follow a path until the megalith. The objects found in his monument are displayed in Museu Diocesà and Comarcal of Solsona.


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