Necròpolis dels Clots del Solà

Graveyard that started being used in Middle Neolithic and it was reused until the end of Copper Age. When Mn. Serra Vilaró excavated it, in 1914, it was formed by three cists and what he called Dolmen of Clarà, a room with a foyer, which we currently know that was part of the necropolis itself.

Nowadays one cist and the mentioned room are preserved, both re-excavated in 2004 by the team of the archaeologist Lídia Fábregas. It is important to highlight the contents of Dolmen de Clarà: a minimum of 32 individuals buried inside were identified, they were with their good graves, formed by pottery vases carinated, pieces of flint vases, copper rings and a piece of a blue necklace with an eye decoration. All these materials are from different ages, which shows the long use of this burial monumental along the time.

The objects found in the monument are exhibited at Museu Diocesà and Comarcal of Solsona.


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