Solsonès Baroque

The project Solsonès Baroque give you the information about one of the most important sculptural legacies from the Baroque era in Catalonia. It is now possible to enjoy this rich heritage thanks to the people and institutions of our country who strove to preserve it and make it available to everybody despite the multiple destructions it suffered throughout history.

Solsonès-baroque is also an invitation to discover an exceptional historical and artistic heritage. The altarpieces, sanctuaries, parish buildings and the surrouding landscapes propose us an evocative journey through time into the world of arts and across the most mysterious of the beliefs and convictions of our ancestors from the 17th anb 18 th centuries.

Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès
Ctra. de Bassella, 1
25280 Solsona
Tel. 973 48 23 10