Solsonès Baroque

The project Solsonès Baroque give you the information about one of the most important sculptural legacies from the Baroque era in Catalonia. It is now possible to enjoy this rich heritage thanks to the people and institutions of our country who strove to preserve it and make it available to everybody despite the multiple destructions it suffered throughout history.

Solsonès-baroque is also an invitation to discover an exceptional historical and artistic heritage. The altarpieces, sanctuaries, parish buildings and the surrouding landscapes propose us an evocative journey through time into the world of arts and across the most mysterious of the beliefs and convictions of our ancestors from the 17th anb 18 th centuries.

Essential visits

Solsonès preserves five of the most important Baroque in Catalonia are:

  1. Santuari del Miracle de Riner
  2. Sant Llorenç de Morunys
  3. Catedral de Solsona
  4. Sant Pere de Matamargó de Pinós
  5. Sant Pere de Madrona de Pinell

Espai “SolsonèsBarroc”

Located in the Big House of the Miracle (in Riner), this space trasports the visitor to the Baroque era, both at European and Catalan levels. It explains what represented and embraced the baroque style, the context in which it emerged and disappeared, thanks to different rooms furnished with explanatory panels.

A large-format audiovisual show reminds us of the great value of the alterpieces and exhibits a large part of the Solsonès’ sculptural and pictorial repertorie. A small room recreates a chamber of the old Miracle guest quarters that played an important role in the context of the pilgrimage wave of the 17th and 18th centuries. The ex-voto room displays works offered to the Virgin of the Miracle as supllication or thanksgiving for the intercession of the Virgin or a saint in a problem, a disease or any other conflict undesired by donors, and it help us visualise everyday scenes from the society at that time.

The Music Room brings us to imagine popular songs from that period, by playing differnt fragments of baroque music and projecting a visual montage with evocative images, extracted from artistic pieces, instruments, sketches and scores of that time. At the en, the 14 most essential works that visitors can see in the Solsonès are presented, explaining the importance of the Baroque in the region and the reasons why, today, the Solsonès is a genuine historical landscape. Finally, visitors can learn, thanks to a large and recent poster, for which reasons and with what consequences the Baroque art ended in the late 18th century. They also have the chance to navigate thorugh a touch screen and to download a free mobile apllication with all the information concerning the baroque heritage.

Opening time:  Thursday to Monday from 10 to 18 h (contact the restaurant).


Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès
Ctra. de Bassella, 1
25280 Solsona
Tel. 973 48 23 10