Clear example of the Solsona plateau (Pinós)

The town of Pinós is one of the five villages that are in the zone: Ardèvol, Vallmanya, Sant Just d’Ardèvol, Pinós i Matamargó.  Ardèvol is the main center with the biggest population and is the cultural center. Near the Santuary of Pinós there is tha geografical center of Catalunya. The central part of the region is between 700 an 800 m high and is the middle of the Llobregat and Segre basins. The rest of the area is full of mountains and hills, and the mountain chain of Pinós is the most important among them (930,6 cm)

You can see a characterized landscape because of the fires of 1998, even the posterior regeneration.

The wind Rose

At about 200 meters on the west of the sanctuary and 930,60 meters above sea level, we find a Wind Rose carved into a large block of rock. It was sculpted in 1993 by the brichlayer and stonmason Jaume Palou from Ardèvol. His work was based on drawings done by hi son Ramon. Besides indicating the principal winds, he also drew some of the major symbols of the Catalan culture.

Routes of Nature

Some routes are suggested to do on foot that are connected to each other, in this way you can decide whether to take the short ones or you prefer doing long walks that are also connected to other municipal routes.

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