La Vall de Lord

Distance: 80 km

Enjoy the Vall de Lord along the LV-4241, passing several fountains such as the ones in Lladurs with the ruins of the castle, the Teixó’s  and Fenerals’ fountain and the Vilamala holes, reaching Coll de Jou where there’s a picnic area with barbecues and at 10 minutes, the Creu del Codó mirador. Continue to the Port del Comte ski station and then to Coll de Port where the El Solsonès borders the Alt Urgell area. Go down to the Fonts del Cardener where the Cardener River begins and there is a large picnic area, continue to the village of la Coma, the church in the village of La Pedra and then the Puda fountain. Near Sant Llorenç you can visit the Santa Creu d’Ollers church, the Vall-llonga bridge and we must not forget to mention the church, monastery and old streets of Sant Llorenç de Morunys. Go to Sanctuary de Lord passing the small Romanesque church of Sant Serni de Vilamantells, walk 15 minutes up the steps to the church and go back to Solsona on the Llosa del Cavall road enjoying magnificent views of the reservoir.

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