Shrine Massarrúbies de Terrassola

The origins of the shrine are linked to the finding of the image of Our Lady. Legend has it that it was discovered by a shepherd boy from Mas Cabiscol, a farm a few metres from the church. It is said that the figure wanted to stay in this place, as when it was moved away it became heavier, making it impossible to remove it, so the shrine was built on the spot. The original building was Romanesque in style. Today, it has changed greatly from the original as a result of alterations made in the seventeenth century and subsequent additions, such as the shrine area built in the twentieth century, marked from the outside by the presence of a lantern.

The remains of the high altar

The apse houses the remains of a baroque altarpiece dating from 1713, the upper part of which was destroyed during the Civil War, along with the sculptures that stood in the niches in the lower part, which have been replaced by smaller figures. Today the middle section links the chancel to the shrine and is topped by a beautiful medieval wood carving representing Our Lady of Massarrúbies. It is flanked by images of Fortitude (with a column) and Justice (with sword and scales, which have disappeared), who we can imagine were accompanied by Prudence and Temperance, the other two cardinal virtues, set on the upper section of the reredos. On the predella are two noteworthy reliefs with scenes of the Nativity and the Adoration of the Shepherds, on the right and left respectively, in accordance with the church’s worship of Mary.
Although from a later date, also of interest is the cycle of paintings of marked popular tone that covers the length of the nave, depicting religious scenes, some of which allude to the images in the church.


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