Church of Sant Jaume de Riner

The small Romanesque Church of Sant Jaume dels Tracs, in the old Riner Castle municipal area, has a fine baroque altarpiece that probably dates from the second third of the seventeenth century. Its shape conforms to the arcade in the semi-circular apse area which is hidden behind the piece.

The high altar (dedicated to Saint James)

This consists of two sections above a pedestal. The middle section has three shell-shaped niches housing figures of Saint Isidore, on the left, Saint Peter Martyr, on the right, and Saint James, in the centre. The predella, at its feet, shows three scenes from their respective lives, which in the case of St James reaches the upper section, showing the beheading and removal of his remains by sea, in a boat steered by an angel, from Judea to Padró, where he was buried, a true rare icon of this figure. In between the two panels is a calvary, topped by a half figure if the Eternal Father, at the very top, flanked by two medallions showing the heads of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Although the name of the sculptor is unknown, the similarity of style between this and other pieces have led to the compilation of a large catalogue for this anonymous artist, linked to a long journey of labour that would take him to Andorra, where he made the high altar of Les Escaldes Church. Also attributed to this unknown artist is, amongst others, the Rosary altarpiece in the next parish of Sant Martí de Riner, which was begun in 1635 by Spanish artist Pedro Fernández, and currently conserved in the Solsona Diocesan and Regional Museum.


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