Funerary monument built towards the end of Neolithic and used until Middle Copper Age. By its typology Dolmen of La Pera is what is called a Catalan gallery: a space closed with slab stones with an access through a corridor and everything is covered by a burial mound. This dolmen was excavated in 1984 by the team of the archaeologist Josep Castany. Among the good graves we highlight some materials, such as different pieces belonging to bell-shaped vases, a copper ring, pieces of flint knives, a piece of necklace made of variscite and another one made of amber, and a drilled piece of scallop.

In order to get there, it is necessary to take Miracle road until Su, where we turn right direction to Ardèvol. Within 3 km approximately, we see a sign that will lead us to the dolmen (10 minutes on foot).

The objects found in this site are in Museu Diocesà and Comarcal of Solsona.


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